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WELCOME to my website. I would love to show you a little of my art world, one in which I enjoy painting in both realistic and abstract forms, while incorporating my love of the outdoors, birds of prey, and figures into my paintings. 

Art is such a wonderfully personal thing, and a creative artist has the opportunity to impart a feeling, or emotion, through their paintings. I hope that as you look at my work, you will get a feeling of my love for painting outside on the Chesapeake Bay, in Maine, in Europe, and elsewhere in the United States, whenever I have the opportunity. I like to interpret the scene in my own way, not painting every detail, and to give the viewer MY IMPRESSION of what I am seeing. When people look at my paintings and see different things in them, or perhaps have to take a second look because they just noticed something they hadn't seen before, then I feel I have succeeded. Sometimes it may be that they just enjoy seeing the way the colors are put together. 

I hope that you like looking at the work, and also that you will contact me with any comments you have by e-mail at colleensabo@comcast.net. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Courtesy of Steve Fleming



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