Colleen Sabo Fine Art – Paintings for Sale Landscapes Abstracts Birds Colleen Sabo Fine Art – Paintings for Sale Landscapes Abstracts Birds

Living on the Chesapeake Bay in southern Anne Arundel County for many years has given me such a sense of responsibility and appreciation for our earth.

A daily walk on the beach with my dogs is a gift—encountering so many inhabitants of Herring Bay, always changing, always raising new questions about how, why, and when. New birds passing through, on their journey. Tundra swans arriving at Thanksgiving—the same ones as last year—and then just as quickly departing by April 1, heading back to the North Slope of Alaska. Their return signifies the beginning of winter, as the ospreys leave to winter over in the south.

This spring brings a nesting pair of bald eagles, visible from the beach. A whole new chapter begins and I can hardly wait! Last year I was so fortunate to have a small, “rough green” snake in my flower gardens, brilliant lime green and so shy. I so hope to see it again this year.


“Painting is a way of life for me – it keeps me centered…”


My paintings are products of, and affected by, my daily environment, my travels, my work with permanently injured owls, hawks (and a vulture!), the colors that I see in so many places, and my absolute awe of nature. I visualize new paintings constantly—snapping reminders with my camera, trying to remember the exact way it made me feel, because the photos never do them justice.

Most days I am in my studio, starting paintings quickly because I want them to be fresh in my mind, setting them aside to return later, taking my time to make them mine and to convey my feelings. The desire to create paintings, as never before rendered, is high on my list, and leads more and more to abstraction.

My close proximity to Washington DC is a gift also—my life has centered around museums, classes, news, amazing events, artists and friends. And also Touchstone Gallery, the home of my shows and its beautiful gallery space, shared by wonderfully talented artists, filling the new space each month with creativity and diverse artistic statements.

I am a signature member of The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and the Allied Artists of America, both in New York City.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my work, and I thank you for visiting my site — hope you enjoy your visit.

~ Colleen Sabo